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Carb Overload

October 18, 2009

Yesterday I went out to my parent’s house in the ‘burbs. My father taught me how to make the bread that his Aunt taught him how to make (using loaf pans that date back to the 1930s and are very well seasoned to say the least). He’s not a very good teacher, but I think I picked up enough where at the very least my future attempts to make “Pain de Manage” (my family’s French-Canadian and my father could not quite translate “Manage” when I was like – bread of what? – and google translate is not helpful) won’t be a complete disaster. I don’t know if I have enough pent up aggression to truly knead bread like I should, but we’ll see.
I also went to Wegmans, which is like Mecca for those of us who bake and live in the city. I bought some 20 lbs of flour (99 cents for 5 lbs – one 5lb would easily be $3.50+ at any of the stores I frequent here in DC) and an excessive amount of brown sugar, regular sugar, and confectioner’s sugar. Basically, I now have a very well stocked pantry. And by pantry I mean the kitchen cart that is in my bedroom that also doubles as my dresser. Multi-purpose furniture, it’s a feature of city living.

Last night, I slept for eleven hours. Now, y’all that know me know that I usually get some five hours of sleep and that more than seven is extremely unusual for me. I can thank the allergy medicine that I took for that marathon sleep session. I can also probably thank it for the dream I had about being a vampire during the second Noah’s flood to that as well, but I usually have weird dreams (that have only gotten worse since I got on the NuvaRing), so that might not be a chemical’s fault. (Though actually, the weirdest part of that dream was not the flood or the vampires, it was the having sex with an ex girlfriend. I mean. Really.)

And if you thought spending the day baking bread was baking-intensive, today was more so. I made lemon bars, mostly for my office manager who was with me during my marathon working this past week (where I worked 32 hours out of a 38 hour period – small law firm, filing due Friday). So the lemon bars are a sort of Monday pick me up. I make these bars rather well, if I do say so myself. They’re not terribly difficult – the main ingredients being butter, sugar, eggs, and lemon juice. But they are just the right amount of lemon and just the right amount of crunch.

Shortly after that, my friend Brittany came over and we baked. Well, we started it off with some my family’s home made bread, fried and spread with nutella. We then proceeded to make the Double Apple Bundt cake on p.184 of Dorie Greenspan’s Baking and Pumpkin Lasanga (courtesy of Brittany’s brain – she didn’t follow a recipe for this one). The pumpkin lasagna was tasty and nicely spiced and I like the vague sweetness of that better than your traditional lasagna. The Double Apple Bundt Cake tastes like fall. It’s moist with a good texture and with a lot of subtle notes to it, like all of Greenspan’s recipes that I have tried. It’d make a good coffee cake – we had ours with Blue Moon’s Harvest Ale (more carbs) – but it is warm and spicy and a perfect fall recipe.

So that was my lazy Sunday. I love days like this. I mean, I love being busy – I looked at my calendar recently and realized I have all of two days free between now and the end of the month – but I love when my “busy”/”plans” are hanging out with a friend, drinking beer, and baking.

That being said, I am entering a carb coma. I’m going to roll myself into bed and read a book for awhile.

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