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Grumpy Morning Monster!

October 15, 2009
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It’s been well established that I’m a morning person. I wake up at 6:30 am even when I don’t need to pretty regularly and I haven’t slept past 9am since college. It actually throws off my entire day if I sleep past 8am so I usually just don’t try.
I wake up and I am cheerful. Like, if I am sharing a bed with someone I have to consciously reign it in because most people cannot handle my level of happiness in the morning. Some lovers to the point of turning down morning blow jobs.
Do you hear that? People have turned down enthusiastic morning wake up calls. I mean, yea, it was like, 6:30 in the morning on a Saturday but that is not the principle of the matter. I am wide awake, cheerful and sexual and I want nothing more at 6:30 in the morning than to please my lover until they wake up the neighbors with their fun noises and they’d rather sleep an extra two hours. Or three. I have a hard time comprehending that, but I can restrain myself, I swear.

So yes. The fact that I am a morning person is well established. But this week, as fall has finally settled into Washington D.C. and it has been mostly rainy or almost rainy, I have been nothing but grumpy in the morning. I wake up and it is barely light out and I groggily drag my ass through my morning routine, debating whether or not the hour at the gym is really worth dealing with this clearly uncheerful morning. It has been colder than a witch’s tit in my room lately – we finally turned the heat on in the house, but with my wonderful windows and the door to the sunroom it gets drafty. When I crawl into bed it takes a good forty minutes for me to stop shivering under my down comforter and wool blanket. I’m even wearing flannel pjs and a sweater to bed (and let me tell you, I don’t usually wear my pjs for any reason other than to comfort my roommates when I’m wandering around the house).
So in the morning, my bed is the absolute warmest thing in my room and the sun is not up and it’s rainy and dreary and this has done loads of damage to my over all mood lately (other contributing factors: my period, overtime at the office, and prolonged, unintentional, celibacy).

So yes. I miss being cheerful in the morning. I miss feeling that the world smells so wonderful and that I could achieve anything I set my mind to it and that nothing could be better than being alive right now. Because for real, I feel that way every morning in the hours before 10 am. Usually. But not lately.
I miss the morning sun.

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