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Cinnamon Rolls

October 4, 2009

Baking home made cinnamon rolls is apparently an all-morning project, something that I did not really think through when I decided to make them. However, I think the verdict was that the extra time and effort does produce something significantly better than cinnamon-rolls-in-can.

I followed smitten kitchen’s cinnamon swirl bun recipe. Some alternations: I forgot the salt in the dough (typical, if I’m going to forget anything, it’s the salt). The dough took over an hour to rise the second time around, so prepare for about three plus hours of rising in general. I also used a 9 x 13 baking pan instead of two 9 x 9s. They barely fit into the pan (as in there was barely enough rolls to fill the pan), but they expanded a bit in the oven. Three hours of rising and only twenty minutes of actual baking! Sheesh.

And they were tasty. Way better than the roll-in-the-can option and the cream-cheese based frosting totally makes it.
Of course, being told that they’re only really good for a day, that means I just had to consume as many as I could handle before they go bad. I mean really, all that effort? Can’t let it go to waste. Instead, it went to my waist. Maybe I’ll wake up earlier tomorrow and burn some extra calories to take the edge off that binge? I feel like I have to roll myself into the kitchen and make ginger tea to help the sugar-induced indigestion.

Anyway. So I had friends over and we all had little fiber arts projects to work on, so after coffee, cinnamon rolls (and option apple pancakes, which I also made, using shredded tart apples, lemon juice, vanilla, and a significant amount of cinnamon. They were tasty, but overshadowed by the rolls), and 5 cent tours of my new abode, we hung out and watched Hocus Pocus while knitting (or crocheting. Soybean just likes to be different like that). I’m currently working on the second glove of my fingerless gloves, just in time for fall to actually arrive in Washington, D.C.
Soybean also bought me a really bad ass print for my room. It’s a mixed media piece by Erica Moen of DAR, who was at the Bethesda Small Press Fair last weekend. It’s a nude woman in the style of a Catholic saint (complete with the golden halo) who has ball gag and wrist cuffs. It says me so much that I just know it will have to come down when my Super-Catholic-Conservative father comes by next.

It was a good afternoon, though I crashed hard post-sugar high. After all that cooking, I’m going to nuke myself some left over thai food and read my trashy novel instead of studying for the Foreign Service Officer Test – an exam that I will be damned surprised to do well on and am largely unmotivated to study for other than thinking that it’d be a cool job and an actual career.

I don’t know. We’ll see how that goes this Friday, eh?

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